Other pastries

As our menu grows, we will be adding our latest additions to this section. For our selection of doughnuts, click on the "Doughnuts" tab under the drop down menu.


Doughnut Cake

You know what’s better than a doughnut? A giant doughnut! One big enough to share with your friends or coworkers over coffee. Not only can you get all our regular flavors in this jumbo size, but you can even request additional toppings (strawberries, nuts, etc.,) for a truly unique treat. Yes, a sweet tooth is required, but the sharing part is completely optional.


S'mores Squares

A tasty blend of a S'mores treat and a piece of chocolate cake. Chocolate and marshmallow filling on the inside, graham cracker topped chocolate icing on the outside. All that decadence enveloped within a neat little square package. 

Choc Chip Cook_P4+1.jpg

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A true classic, our chocolate chip cookies taste so good, you'd never know they're gluten free. Crispy and bursting with flavor, you'll enjoy every bite right down to the last crumb.

double chocolate chips_F4.jpg

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Love chocolate chip cookies but wish they were more chocolatey? Well, how's this for reading your mind? Chocolate meets chocolate meets cookie--just the way you like it!

pecan cookies_F4+1-2.jpg

Pecan Cookies

So you love cookies, but maybe aren't too keen on chocolate? That's okay! You can now request crunchy pecan bits instead of chocolate chips. We promise, they're just as delicious as the original!