Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our ingredients our how to go about placing your order? Perhaps this section can give you some clarity. Feel free to contact us directly if you still can't find your answer after reading this.



What are GMOs and why avoid them?
GMO is short for Genetically Modified Organism. GMOs are a controversial topic; some people don't mind them, and some people won't go near them. To avoid the dilemma, we have opted to leave them out of our pastries entirely.

What do you mean by "gluten-free?"
Gluten is a sort of protein binder found in grains such as wheat, barely and rye. Most people experience no issue when digesting it, but there is a small percentage of the population that do react negatively to it--some very severely (i.e., celiac disease). Since most flour-based confections contain wheat, we wanted to offer pastries that are more inclusive of all types of customers. That being said, we are NOT certified gluten free, and because we do cook our pastries in our home's kitchen, there is a chance of cross-contamination. Please take this into consideration when purchasing our products.

What exactly is a vegan pastry, and why not just use conventional ingredients?
A vegan pastry is a pastry made without the use of any animal products. This means our pastries are made without "conventional" baking ingredients, such as dairy or eggs. For instance, instead of using milk from a cow, we use "milks" derived from plant sources. All our pastries are 100% vegan because we strongly believe that, aside from being the more compassionate option, using plant-based ingredients is kinder on the earth and our own bodies. Veganism is a win for everyone.

Do vegan ingredients cost more? Why are your doughnuts more expensive than conventional ones?
In short, yes, it costs us more to make our pastries vegan. Although eating a plant-based diet isn't necessarily more expensive than eating a diet consisting of meat, dairy, and eggs, our ingredients in particular often cost significantly more than their non-vegan counterparts. This has a lot to do with the fact that the United States government subsidizes "foods" that come from farm animals; as counter-intuitive as it sounds, buying milk that comes from a cow (which must first be raised and requires more resources) will cost you less than buying milk made from almonds.
In addition to that fact, we also choose to make our pastries from high-quality ingredients. Gluten-free flour is substantially pricier than regular wheat flour. Ensuring that our ingredients are non-GMO also adds to our cost of production.

So does this mean your pastries are healthy?
"Healthy" is a highly subjective term, so it's difficult to give a straight answer. But if you compare our doughnuts to those you find at larger doughnut chains, our pastries are a healthier alternative. Since none of our ingredients are animal-derived, all our pastries are free of cholesterol--as well as being lower in saturated fats. And because we are both gluten free and non-GMO, we take extra care in choosing our ingredients. A good portion of our ingredients are even certified organic. We run our business on a simple philosophy: If we won't eat it, then we absolutely won't feed it to our customers.

Do you have any nutrition information available?
We don't have the nutritional facts for every single one of our pastries, but we have made that information available for our most popular doughnut flavor, our chocolate with toasted coconut, to be used as a sort of reference point.  View it here (this is the nutritional information for a single doughnut).

Where are you located?
We currently don't have a store, so we operate out of our home. We offer pickup and delivery services (depending on distance, a delivery fee may be assessed), and we try to make our pastries available any way we can (such as participating in local markets and other similar events). Follow us on social media for the latest information regarding any current and future plans.

So how can I purchase your pastries?
Simple. Just call us at least 24 hours in advance to place your order (there are instances when we can fulfill your order quicker, but it's not a guarantee). You can purchase our doughnuts in batches of six and up (more menu options will be added as they become available). Once your order is ready, you can have us deliver them somewhere or just pick them up yourself.

Do you cater?
We do! We'd be more than happy to make pastries for your event. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers--we'd love to help you celebrate any and every occasion! When placing larger orders, we'd appreciate you giving us at least a week's notice in advance.