About US


Hi, and welcome to Bohemian Bakes! We're a small home-based "bakery" with a total of two employees. We specialize in making traditional baked pastries with a modern twist--everything we make is free from animal products and gluten. The idea for Bohemian Bakes was born out of the realization that we had a shortage of options available near us that could cater to our vegan lifestyle. Cooking plant-based meals at home was easy enough, but finding desserts to satisfy one's sweet tooth was a completely different story. We originally started out by baking pastries just for ourselves, but when we noticed that our friends and family (who aren't even vegan) enjoyed our treats just as much as we did, we decided we should share them with as many people as possible! So here we are--ready to spread the cruelty-free message one pastry at a time. 

- David and Alexa